Daily Worship & Festivals

The Schedule of daily worship in this temple is followe in the Kamika Agama way and the festivals are celebrated in the Karana Agama form-

1. Worship at dawn

7.00 a.m

2. Kala Sandhi

9.00 a.m

3. Ucchi Kalam

12.00 noon

4. Worship at dusk

5.00 p.m

5. Second worship at dusk

7.00 p.m

6. Ardha Jamam

8.30 p.m

It is believed that worship of the deity during the time schedule of daily worship involves increases religious merit.

Some of the festivals like Pradhosam, Kritigai, Fridays and Thiruvadhirai are performed by ceremonial rites. During the month of panguni the annual float festival is conducted at the Maha Magham tank. During the month of Chitrai the Sapatastana is carried out when Sri Adi Kumbeswara along with Sri Mangala nayaki go about on a majestic ceremonial procession well-deocrated in palanquins through the neighbouring villages viz., Sakkottai, Tirukkalayanallur, Darasuram, Tiruvalanchyzhi, Swamimalai, Kottaiyur and Melakkaveri. During Vaikasi the tirukkalyana Utsava of Sri Mangalambhigai with Sri Adi Kumbheswara is celebrated. MOreover festivals of different months are celebrated on a grand scale, namely Ani Tirumanjanam, Dakshinayana, Adi Eighteenth, Adi pooram, Avani Mulam, Vinayaka Chatturti, Navaratri, Kandashasthi, Kadaimukham, Kartigai Somavaram, Kartigai Deepam, Tiru Adirai, Mahaditi padam, Sankranti, Sivaratri, and Amudu Padayal.

Every year during the month of Masi the festival of Masi Magham is celebrated for ten days, as in younder days intiated by Brahma Deva. On the day united with Asvati constallation the innaguration of the festival associated with the introductory function of flag hoisting is done and the festival continues for ten days in all splendour, captivatingly decorated, with pot of butter on the eighth day, the procession of chariot on the ninth day and on the tenth day the Panchamurtis go about in procession on Mushika, the Peacock and Rishaba mounts suitably bedecked for the occasion to have a ceremonial bath at the Maha Magham tank, while the surging gathering multitude of devotees take their holy dip there on every twelth year the Maha Magham festival is celebrated on a grand scale reminiscent of the Kumbha Mela of the north.

Maha Magham

           According to astrology the Sun goes about the twelve Rasis during the twelve months of the year. The moon goes around the earth in thirty days. Jupiter takes one year to traverse from one Rasi to another. While the moon and Jupiter are so journing at Leo, the abode of the sun. The sun occupying the Kumba Rasi has direct gaze at jupiter and the moon. This occurs once in twelve years. It is called Maha Magham.

           The festival of Maha Magham is celebrated in honour of this temple. During Maha Magham the nine river Goddesses, viz, Ganga Yamuna, Saraswati, Sarayu, Sindhu, Narmada, Godavari, Krishna and Cauveri congregate at the Maha Magham Tank to take the ceremonial baths and to absolve themselves of all the burden of sins accepted and accumulated from all the devotees who bathed in their midst in those rivers. This is considered to be unique and unpare\alelled in merit. This tank is considered to be the nectarine in the sense, that the Maha Magham Tank is the receptacle of the nectar drained from the pot hit by the arrow of Sri Parameswara. It is a cynosure to the eyes to witness more than a million people congregating at a single spot at the Mha Magham gtank to take their holy bath and worship so many deities that have come here for ceremonial bath, all at the same place. Either to the Maha Magham Festival was celebrated in 1897, 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992.