Sculpture & Inscriptions


There are beautiful bas-releif sculptured and painted in an attractive manner at the Rajagopuram, north and west outer gopurams the unfinished gopuram. navaratri mandapa and the outer walls thereof at the north, south and eastern sides.

The bas-relief at the inner mandapa adjoining the Sanctum Sanctorium and the pillars of the mandapa beside the Amman shrine are notable for their exhibition of subtle artistic skill. So also the sculptures depiciting the horse at the pillars of the Navaratri mandapa and the Amman shrine mandapa are amazingly wonderful master pieces of architecture. the alluringly attractive sculptures carved at the ceiling of the Navatri mandapa delineating the twelve signs of the zodiac are available.


Vijayalaya chola (962-980 AD) was responsible for the ascendency of the Chola Kingdom with the annexation of Tanjavur. During this period a Chola king with Kumbakonam as the capital could have attended to the elaborate extention of the temple complex. A series of stone edicts at Sri Nageswara Temple testify to some of the renovation works undertaken at Sri Adi Kumbheswara temple. In 1772 Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Sri Maha Devendryadhi Acharya was responsible for the execution of works and the erection of Ardha Mandapa and Maha Mandapa of the Somaskanda shrine. There are several inscriptions on stone at the southern side of the Kailasa gateway, near the Kiratamurti shrine, and the southern side of the Great Nandi.