Sthala Tree

The Sthala tree

           When the pot containing necter was swiriling round in the floods because of gusty winds the holy things decorating the pot got themselves dismantled, scattered and spilt on all sides mdiscriminately .Of these ceremonial things that scattered ,the mango leaves became the Vanni tree.This tree can be seen to the south west of the Rajgopuram. The deity eushrined under this tree is called Vanni Mara Vinayaka.

Some remarkable features of this temple

1. sri Parameswara as Kiratamurti aimed and hit the pot containing nectar and the nectar began flowing and drenched and washed the entire area .He himself mixed the white sands and the flowing nectar and carved a linga out of it and established it by just pouring some vital forces into it by making it a svayambhulinga.

2. After the great deluge Brahma Deve began his Fine Art of creation of the uneation of the universe with the residual seeds of all kinds of species supplied by sri Parameswara.

3. In order to commemorate the event of the benediction endowed by Sri Parameswara favouring the inauguration of the crreation of the universe, Brahma Deva made all the arrangements to celebrate the Masi Magha festival honouring the Presiding deity of this temple and perhaps it was the maiden festival ever tobe celebrated on earth.

4. Just in the same way as Sri Paramesswara extended half of his body to Sri Ambal at Tiruchengode .He conferred His 36000 crores of manatrashakti to Sri Ambal at this Kshetra.

5. Along with the Siva mantrashakti, Sri Amdal added Her 36000 crores of mantrashakti thereby making it to become 72000 crores of mantrashakti and this illumines as Mantra Sakti Peeteswari.

6. This temple is famous in all the three aspects of Murti Stala and Tirtha-[deity-place-holy water]

7. Once in every twelve years when Jupiter and the moon are in the Simharasi and the Sun in Kumbha rasi on the Masi full-moon day Maha Magham fastival is celebrated .It is considered to be the most sacred and efficacious and hence synonymous to the Kumbha Mela celebrated in the north.

8. The nucleus seeds of all the species -of creation-stagnated at the pot as sediments. As the Lord entered into the pot with all the vital energy and appeared as the presiding deity of this place ,it is considered to be the pre-eminent kshetra ,the most ancient of its kind ,the seed -bed of all the other kshetras.

9. Chaturmukha of Satyaloka and papresa of patalaloka worshipped at this temple.

10. The nine maidens of the nine sacred rivers took their cerenonial bath at the Maha Magham Tank of this temple.

11. This Kshetra is situated on the Southern banks of the river cauvery.

12. Just before Surasamhara, Kanda took the ceremonial bath at the tank created by Sri Ambal by scatching of on the earth and then worshipped the Lord and Sri Ambal and acquired the required mantrasakti for the welfare.

13. Lord Muruga with six faces and six hands abiding on the peocock along with Valli and Devayani-a rare phenomenon-and extending grace to all.

14. Vishnu worshipped Sri Parameswara and got the Samga bow and the Discus.

15. Kamadhenu once sustained a curse from the easily irritable sage Durvasa to the effect that she would be deprived of everything including milk. Kamadhenu got dispelled of the curse by worshipping the Lord and Sri Ambal of this kshetra.

16. The Saivaite Saints Gnanasambandar and Appar Syamingal have sung the praise of the deities in their Thevarams.

17. Sri Arunagirinathar has sund six padikams on Sri Arumukha of this kshetra.

18. According to the Puranas some of the great personages like Chandi, Kirudhaman, Sudhaman, Viavanman, Sulochana, Kasyapa, Jnanavan, Sudhamannn and Karumasanman have worshipped in this stala.

19. The most pre-eminent of the siddhas Sri Kumba Sambhava abides here in a state of intense meditation on Sri Adi Kumbheswara and Sri Mangala Nayaki. Also he blessed Sri Rama when he visited this place.

20. Marti Nayanar of the Sixty three Saivaite saints worshipped the deities here and attained beatitude.

21. Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam seated himself just in front of Sri Kiratamurti shrine, simultaneously observing the Lord and Sri Ambal, entered into a profound meditation. The place where Sri swamigal sat in meditation is marked in an encirclement and the entire sculpture of the meditation posture is inscribed on the pillar nearby, on the left side.

The Puranic basis of the history of this kshetra......